Comics Zine "What if"

comics about first man and woman who are living in a stone age in imaginary world.

WHAT IF? Project
What if when people speak letters fall out their mouth? Imagine - when you swear at someone acute words cut him like broken glass. Or when mother sings a lullaby to her child, he words fall out softly and cover him like the duvet. People can literally keep someones secrets, hiding them in the depth of the attic. Or just imagine -  you are backpacking and suddenly stumble and fall into the abyss. You start screaming and huge AAAA letters fall out your mouth and there are so many of them, that they form a whole mountain and you fall upon them as a trampoline. 
I thought of the rules and general concept of the world and recognized that I want to pay my attention on the moment when something went wrong and this strange ability appeared in the world. That is why I created a comics about first man and woman who are living in a stone age. And my book shows the main event in a history of this world. I decided to make it as a zine and produce several copies, because it is a sort of promo material in this universe - it teaches every citizen how their history started.
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